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Great Wall Motors

Great Wall car is a Chinese automaker that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, as with any other vehicle, there are some common problems you may encounter that can potentially put a damper on your driving experience.

Whether you are a Great Wall V200 owner or have the latest model of SUV, sedan, ute, or hatchback, chances are you may encounter one of these issues.

Great Wall Car – Common Problems You May Encounter

To help you keep your ride running smoothly, here are some of the most common Great Wall cars problems that you should look out for –

1. Engine Problems:

One of the most common reports among drivers of Great Wall cars is engine-related complaints. This can manifest in many different ways, such as difficulty starting the engine, misfiring or stalling while idling, and excessive fluid consumption.

Similarly, if your car is making strange noises while running, it could indicate a bigger safety concern that needs to be addressed by an experienced mechanic.

2. Transmission Problems:

Your transmission is a critical component of your car, so any issues should be addressed immediately.

Common problems that you may encounter with the Great Wall’s transmission include difficulty shifting between gears, jerking or slipping when in gear and an inability to shift into reverse.

3. Suspension System Issues:

The suspension system in your vehicle plays an essential role in providing a smooth ride, so it’s important to keep it in good condition.

Problems with the suspension can manifest as uneven tire wear and excessive bouncing on bumpy roads. If you notice these signs, get your car checked out by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

4. Electrical Faults:

If you experience electrical faults while driving, you may have a problem with the wiring system. This could cause issues such as dashboard lights being dimmer than usual, erratic warning signals from your indicators or headlights failing to work properly.

What Are The Symptoms To Look Out For In Your Cars & Utes?

1. Poor fuel economy:

The Great Wall can be quite thirsty when it comes to gas, so expect your MPG rating to suffer if you’re not careful.

2. Stalling:

The Great Wall can exhibit stalling problems from time to time, especially in colder weather. Check your spark plugs and petrol filter for any potential issues.

3. Rusting:

Older models of the Great Wall are susceptible to rusting due to their metal construction. Make sure to treat affected areas as soon as possible!

4. Leaks:

Oil leaks can occur on older vehicles due to worn gaskets or other damage to engine components. If you notice a pool of oil under your car, get it looked at right away!

5. Overheating:

Make sure to keep an eye on your temperature gauge, as the Great Wall can overheat due to buildup in the radiator or a clogged air filter.

6. Noisy brakes:

If you hear your brakes squeaking or squealing when you press down on them, it may be time for new brake pads.

7. Poor acceleration:

Poor performance from the engine can lead to poor acceleration in some models of the Great Wall car, so make sure to get regular check-ups!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to easily identify any potential defects with your Great Wall car and have them taken care of before they become a bigger problem.

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