Holden VE Commodore Problems – What Signs To Look Out For?

holden VE Commodore

From faulty wiring harnesses to stretched timing chain issues, the holden VE Commodore can experience a variety of common problems that can be costly if not addressed promptly.

The VE Commodore, first released in 2006, was the last model of the Holden Commodore nameplate.

This model was powered by a range of petrol and diesel engines and offered a selection of sedan, wagon and Ute body styles – including the luxury variants, Holden Berlina and Calais (VE).

Despite its popularity, several Holden Commodore problems have been reported over the years, some of which can be costly to repair.

1. Transmission Problems:

One of the most common issues reported by drivers of VE Commodores is transmission troubles.

The 6-speed automatic transmission in particular is known to be prone to failure due to worn-out seals and other internal components. This can result in shuddering while shifting gears or complete gear selection failure.

The 5-speed manual transmission has also been known to suffer from clutch plate slipping and difficulty selecting certain gears.

2. Engine Sensors & ECU Malfunctions:

Another common problem experienced by Holden VE Commodore drivers is engine sensor errors as well as ECU malfunctions.

This can be caused by faulty wiring harnesses or damaged connections in various sensors located throughout the vehicle.

Some drivers have also reported issues with their cars not starting or cutting out randomly while driving due to faulty wires connected to spark plugs or injectors.

3. Fuel System Failures:

Owners of the Holden VE Commodore might also face fuel system failures due to corrosion on fuel tanks, fuel injector leakage, corrosion on fuel pump terminals, blocked fuel filters, and more.

These problems can lead to reduced power output as well as poor acceleration performance over time if not addressed promptly by a qualified mechanic.

4. Suspension Issues:

The suspension system on these vehicles is also known for having several common faults that could cause a range of handling and safety problems for drivers.

Worn-out shock absorbers, defective ball joints, and broken tie rods are just some of the problems that can arise with age or due to inadequate maintenance over time.

These can result in poor steering response and excessive body roll when cornering at higher speeds or while braking suddenly.

5. Overheating Issues:

Overheating problems are another common issue associated with the VE Commodore and are often caused by faulty cooling systems or defective water pumps.

If left unchecked, these issues can lead to more significant damage such as blown head gaskets or cracked radiators.

So it’s important to check your vehicle regularly for signs of overheating such as leaking coolant fluid or an overly hot engine bay even if you don’t think you have any related problems yet.

6. Electrical Problems:

Finally, electrical issues such as failed headlights and taillights are fairly commonplace on these cars due to wear out and tear caused by extreme temperatures over long periods of time or accidental water damage/immersion caused either through floods or car washes (where high-pressure jets may penetrate into sensitive areas).

Additionally, dashboard warning lights might stay illuminated even after being replaced with new parts if there are underlying electrical faults present in various components such as relays or fuses which must be diagnosed correctly before attempting any repairs/replacements on them.

Fix Your Holden VE Commodore Problems With Expert Dealers:

Overall, while reliable for many years on end, there are several common issues associated with the VE Commodore ranging from engine performance concerns to transmission troubles and electrical faults.

It’s always best to tackle any Holden Commodore problems that you may encounter as soon as possible.

Diagnosing these issues requires knowledgeable mechanics who have experience working on automotive transmissions.

Call us or visit our workshop for all auto-related solutions in Australia!

Be sure to pay attention to any potential mechanical issues before they become major problems, and always ensure that you’re up-to-date on regular maintenance services such as oil changes and tire rotations.

FAQs – VE Commodore Problems

1. Do all VE Commodores have timing chain problems?

No, not all VE Commodores have timing chain problems. However, they are something to keep an eye on as they can be prone to failure.

2. How long do VE Commodore timing chains last?

Depending on your driving conditions and maintenance schedule, timing chains can last anywhere from 75k-150k kilometres. If you’re worried about the condition of yours, it might be worth getting it checked out by a qualified mechanic!

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