9 Common Mitsubishi Pajero Problems You Should Know!

Are you looking to buy your dream car? Or are you always drawn to the Mitsubishi Pajero? There’s no doubt it’s one of the best purchases, but some problems have cropped up recently.

Mitsubishi Pajero is the perfect pick for those looking for profound off-road traction in muddy terrain. Performance and efficiency are the primary reasons behind its popularity over all other vehicles.

What’s the deal?

Most heavy cars have some common problems, though. The Mitsubishi Pajero is no exception. Because of this, we’ve done extensive research on this car’s uncommon and annoying problems.

The following guide provides a comprehensive analysis of the problems encountered by Mitsubishi Pajero.

Most Known Issues with Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero seems like the best choice when it comes to purchasing a perfect vehicle for off-road traction. It is known as one of the best gear cars with all its unique features.

But, still, some common problems cause the users to suffer from distress. Some of these problems are listed as under:

1. No Overdrive

Overdrive is one of the most demanding features in heavy vehicles like Mitsubishi Pajero. It helps to lower the RPM of the engine when high-speed is implied. Mitsubishi Pajero offers an auto box, but there are no features for overdrive in its interior.

Thus, the unavailability of overdrive in Mitsubishi Pajero doesn’t let the users or drivers enjoy the faster or reliable transmission output shaft speed. It has been reported as the commonest problem in this vehicle.

2. Rust

You can never save a car from rust since the metal used in its parts easily gets oxidized when exposed to air. But, many vehicles have been released that are pretty resistant to rust under serious conditions. This is not the same with Mitsubishi Pajero. It catches rust after some use. The majority of the users have explained that the gas tanks of this car often get rusted.

Furthermore, surface rust is one of the most irritating things about Mitsubishi Pajero. Rust is often observed on the rear right side of the frame where the company has stated the chassis number. Thus, it makes it challenging for users to read the card number when they are inspected.

3. Poor Coolant Overflow Seal

A car lover can bear anything but a poor seal for the coolant overflow is something unbearable. You can never compromise water dripping in your car because of the poor overflows in the coolant. Besides this, the radiator also causes leakage.

These under-bonnet problems have made the users of Mitsubishi Pajero suffer from some severe inconveniences. Some common reasons for the recurrent leakage of the coolant overflow or radiator are old age and poor vehicle maintenance.

4. Underbody Problems

Besides the leakages or cracks in the coolant or radiator, the underbody of Mitsubishi also has some common problems that cause potential distress for the users. Some of these problems include rear suspension movement on the body or leakage of the differential pinion oil seal.

The manufacturer has also missed placing the fuel tank fastener, which has provoked the leakage chances in the fuel tank leading to severe consequences. In addition to all these underbody problems, the recurrent corrosion around the mechanical parts has disbelief among some Pajero lovers.

5. Interior Issues

The users have also reported many issues with the interior of Mitsubishi Pajero. The rear window of this giant car doesn’t come with a center brake light cover. The presence of the brake light cover plays the leading role in giving an extra signal to distracted drivers while driving.

In addition to this, the manufacturer has missed placing the 3rd-row seats in the latest models of Mitsubishi Pajero. These seats are removed along with their seatbelts. Thus, the users who prefer Mitsubishi vehicles for a plus point regarding the seating area are facing issues now.

6. Whirring Noise

The majority of the Mitsubishi drivers have also reported the problem of a rumbling or whirring noise. It usually occurs when you are driving the car or running it at high speed. This rumbling noise stops when the driver takes off. But the major concerns of the users are to solve it since it continues to rumble at normal speed.

It has also been observed that the whirring noise during the driving of Mitsubishi Pajero may be due to the loose nuts and bolts or due to the poor quality of material used in the construction of the engine. Anyways, the occurrence of the rumbling noise in Mitsubishi gives the feeling of using an old car that needs removal.

7. Black Smoke

Everything about Mitsubishi Pajero is bearable except the production of black smoke during its driving. Being one of the most reliable and long-lasting cars, Mitsubishi always wins the race, but the production of black smoke makes it lag behind the race of modern vehicles.

The lack of power during the drive can be the potential reason behind the production of black smoke. Users have also experienced this black smoke even when they are not driving the car at turbo.

8. Low Power Engine

Unlike all other vehicles, Mitsubishi Pajero comes with a low-power engine that doesn’t support long mileage when driving it. The integration of the low-power engine in Mitsubishi cars makes it barely reach up to 80km, and in the case of uphills, it goes up to only 30km.

Thus, the users have to integrate cleaners or injectors to make the engine support a strong mileage with better fuel compatibility. The low-power engine of Mitsubishi Pajero also doesn’t support exhaust manifold and turbo speeds.

9. GearBox Noise

Besides the rumbling noise from the engine side, the gearbox of Mitsubishi Pajero also causes potential noise at around 2200rpm. It has disturbed many users since it is a squealing noise. The poor integration of the gearbox causes this problem to occur repetitively.


Purchasing a car can be one of the biggest responsibilities. Thus, users try to get their hands on models that offer fewer problems. However, you can also replace the defective parts with the options available at DANDENONG. Mitsubishi Pajero has been one of the best purchases for many years till now. But it comes with some issues. You can purchase it if you’re ready to cope with the problems.

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